I am honored and thrilled that you decided to see some of my work and read what I'm all about. You made it this far, might as well stick around and look at some of the stories I have had the honor of capturing and find out a little more about me.


I'm a musician, an artist, and a lifelong student, but I'm NOT a photographer! I'm a collector of moments. And I want to capture only the best, most exciting, thrilling, dangerous, sweet, romantic, and crazy moments in life.

I'm not really a standard wedding photographer, and I don't want to be like everyone else. When you contact me to be the one to capture your story, you instantly get a new friend, a buddy to go out with, a comedian, a shoulder to cry on, an assistant to tie that bow tie that no one can ever do, and the one to fix that piece of hair that's always out of place.

As you probably noticed my style is unique, moody, and sometimes very abstract, so that's what you should expect when you book me for any event or type of photo shoot. I sincerely believe that through my shooting and editing style I am able to capture amazing emotions and moments for eternity. 

So please please please, don't message me asking if I can do a shoot for you but edit it differently from what my photos usually look like. If you don't like my style, I am totally fine with that, but you would be better of finding someone that has the style of work you're looking for. After all, it is your day and you want to capture it just the way you imagine it.

I love our planet, all of it. That's why I'm available to capture all your most important moments of life anywhere and anytime. I mean anywhere from the sky to the deep sea, and from Antarctica to Greenland and everywhere in-between. So if you're on the other side of the globe I am more than happy to chat with you too!  

Nothing I write here will really show you who I am, so lets chat, message me or give me a call, or lets meet up for a drink or two.

"My life is an adventure to the unknown, but I embrace it.'" - Me

who am i? i am many things...
a musician, an artist, a psychologist, a comedian, a friend, a woman, a student, an ENTREPRENEUR, a daughter, a professional bow-tier, and so much more...